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Below are answers to questions we anticipate regarding the event.

Where do we park

Parking is available in the lot of the former Comcast building which is across the street from the Greenleaf Rec Center. There will be signage directing attendees to the parking area as well as attendants directing the parking.

Food at the event

The food at the event is provided by Betty's Kitchen and Kona Ice. All attendees are required to pay for the food service. 

Events registration

Is it possible to register the day of the event for any of the athletic events?  Generally no; all registrations must be completed online prior to the event. Competition registrations are being accepted up to and including the day before the event (May 10th).  Same day registration exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. Depending on the number of entrants same day registration may be possible but there is no assurance that it can be accommodated. 

Trash management and separation

A recently implemented City of Portsmouth policy requires use of compostable single use disposables at events (cups; containers; straws) and to segregate these items from other trash. Separate composting containers with instructions will be provided. Additionally we will be separating recyclables such as cans and plastic bottles. 

What are the costs for attending and  participating in the event

Parking and the event are free. Non-profit exhibitors are free. There is a $75 charge to exhibitors selling merchandise. There is a charge for entrants for the competitions (amount specified in application process). We do this to help ensure that those registering for the competitions will show for the competitions. 

There is a cost for the food service as explained above under "Food at the event".

How will the Basketball Tournament be conducted.

Rules of Play for the basketball tournament can be viewed here.

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