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Competition Events

Views of the events are shown below. The events tab provides details of each event for both the men's and women's divisions and the age classes.

Note: Final date for event registration is May 10th.


Individual Push

The Sled


Team Push / Pull

PortsRec_0073 a.jpg

Individual Pull

Tire Flipping


Tug of War

Go to the Events tab for details on this team event.

Bench Press

PortsRec_0110 a.jpg

Obstacle Course

Go to the Events tab for details on the course.

3 on 3 Basketball Tourney

Rules of Play

Rules of Play:

  • All games to 21 points. Playing with 3’s and 2 point baskets.

  • Players call their own fouls. Ball is to be checked at the top of the key after each foul; no foul shots; (no referees)

  • Each team to have one substitute. Substitutions are made by a team after a made shot;

  • Time limit on game is 20 minutes; 

  • A digital scoreboard will be available for the games.

  • This will be a double elimination tournament; each team will play at least two games. 

  • Two games will be in progress concurrently.

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